How to keep your kids entertained at home

The pandemic made it mandatory for all schools to be shut down. Schoolchildren have no option than to sit at home with their parents. However, being at home does not mean you and your children have to be friends with boredom. There are various ways you can keep them entertained even at home; here are some tips:


One of the easiest ways to keep your children entertained is television. There are many television channels and programmes meant specifically for children. They can sit down watching such children channels all day and all night without getting tired or bored as the children station often have several contents that are targeted towards children. If you want to get television channels that are children friendly to keep your children entertained at home during this Coronavirus threat and beyond, you can opt for Select TV. This should be after reading Select TV reviews to know if other customers have testified positively about their channels and how entertaining they were for their children.

Involve them in learning about science and technology

Due to the need for a strong background in Science and Technology in the commercial industry, it would be a great headstart for your kids if you teach them this. You do not have to be a professional in these subjects before you can teach your children. The principles of science, technology, mathematics, etc, are in your home. For instance, you can track the movement of the sun by drawing your shadows hourly, you can put some celery in a water jar and add some food coloring. Within the next few days, you will see how the fragments of the plants move up in the water. You can also encourage your kids to predict what happens and express their observations in an experiment. This way, you are exercising their intelligence. To get more ideas on science and technology projects your kids can lay hands-on, you can check out more videos on YouTube.

Turn your house into a gym

Encourage healthy living at home by getting your kids involved in gymnastics. Although most gyms are closed, you can be dexterous with your home. Get some easy props that you can use as gym equipment to help your kids burn energy. You can teach them yoga, lateral movement, etc. you can also ask their opinion on what games they will like to play. However, ensure the games you agree on are 100 % safe. The goal is to get them to burn some calories and be active, not injured. Also, ensure you set the props in the safest part of the house. Keep all sharp objects from the area, and be on the alert to stop any dangerous games your kids may want to play.

Teach them how to cook

Anyone who knows how to eat should also know how to cook, except they do not want to or are physically restricted. Develop kitchen projects that involve all of you. Teach your little ones how to break eggs and whisk it. Cook it in different forms in their presence. Allocate the simpler and non-exerting kitchen tasks to them. As you cook, tell them about the nutrient each food gives and how to identify a wholesome food item from a bad one. Bake cakes and other snacks together with them. This way, you will inspire a love for cooking in them. if they are not wise enough to handle the kitchen equipment, do not let them do so.

Plant a garden

Most families nowadays live in suburbs and metropolitan cities where bits of nature are far from them, unlike the countryside where there are large areas of grassland, beautiful flowers and wildlife. You can replicate nature in its raw form in your home by planting a garden with your kids. It is important to find a way to strengthen the bond between your kids and nature. Get some space and clean it. Ensure the soil is fertile. You can buy seeds from the florist’s shop and plant with your you do so, tell them valuable lessons about nature, science, and life in general. 

Encourage them to express their creativity

as much as it is good to come up with engaging activities for your kids to take part in, you should also allow them to create activities for themselves. For example, you may have a kid who is good at writing. You are helping the child to become better if you allow them free-write a lot. Kids have a lot of artistic abilities that school sometimes kill; your job as a parent should be to provide a thriving environment for those abilities during this period. Even after school resumes, you should continue to provide them with the necessary resources to excel in their giftings. You could also get toys such as Fat Brain Toys as they would be able to devise various ways to play with the toys.

Do the house chores with them

Do not encourage laziness in your children in any form. Get them involved in being responsible for cleaning the home. They can do simple tasks such as dusting the chairs and tables, dry-cleaning the dishes, arranging their room, etc. This way, you will inculcate in them a sense of responsibility that will motivate them to be proactive and resourceful as they grow older.