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Discs act as cushions between the vertebrae (bones) that make up the spine. A herniated disc can result from a damaged or degenerating disc caused by illness or aging. Exercise, safeguards, and lifestyle changes can help you prevent acquiring this condition.

Lower back herniated disc pain can range in intensity from ordinary pain to a shock-like sensation that travels down your leg. While most ruptured discs begin to feel better in some weeks, many everyday activities have the potential to aggravate and exasperate the pain. APEX Spine and Neurosurgery are one of the best Roswell herniated disc treatment centers.

Simple Ways to Prevent Herniated Discs:

?      Enhance your posture:

Maintaining a straight spine is important whether you are sitting, standing, walking, or running. Especially in the neck region and lower back, continuous poor posture might compress some of the discs in the spine.

?      Lift objects correctly:

All too frequently, individuals attempt to lift big objects by bending their waist instead of using their strong leg muscles. This may result in twisting at the waist while carrying a large object. Knees should be bent to lift, and the back should remain straight as you stand up. The legs’ lifting power is utilized in this.

?      Exercise every day:

You must include exercises that strengthen the back and legs, tendons and ligaments, and core muscles in a regular exercise program. Include aerobic exercise as well, because it helps maintain healthy tissues by enhancing the cardiovascular system. Exercises that promote flexibility keep the back muscles, ligaments, and joints flexible.

?      Reduce stress:

Stress can tighten muscles and ligaments, which increases the tension in the spine. Regularly partake in stress-relieving activities to lessen the negative physical effects that ongoing stress has on the body.

?      Keep an appropriate weight:

The back and knees experience extra pressure and strain when a person is overweight or obese. It could also be a factor in bad posture.

?      Quit smoking:

Smoking hinders healthy tissue of nutrition and oxygen, putting a person at greater risk for osteoporosis and spinal disc degeneration. Heavy coughing fits caused by smoking might also put more strain on the spine.

?      Switch your position regularly:

Without moving, standing, or sitting for a long time can strain the spine generally and spinal discs specifically. According to a medical study, people should get up and stretch a minimum of once every 30 minutes.

?      Avoid wearing high-heeled shoes:

High-heeled footwear can cause back to go out of alignment, which results in one or more spinal discs being misaligned.

A key tactic for continuing an active lifestyle unhindered by discomfort is to prevent a herniated disc. However, in case you develop herniated disc, take the help of the best spine and neurosurgery clinic in Roswell.