Well, some or the other way we have always put off some difference for men and women, in life-style, work opportunity or in medical treatments. But when it comes to treat addiction recovery both in men and women, there are different ways chosen as both men and women react and handle addiction as well as addiction treatments differently.

Most of the individual despite their gender opt for suboxone treatmentas mode of addiction recovery process. But what is different in this point is that even if the medication is same, suboxone treatment doctors customized the treatment process in terms of the root cause of addiction and your gender. Although it is not about gender lines, but addiction may differ from individuals and genders as well hence it is important to under where does the difference take place.

Common causes of addiction

  • We can see the major difference right from the start as men tends to abuse alcohol, heroin and marijuana whereas a woman tends to abuse alcohol and prescribed drugs. According to sublocade doctors near me, women tend to abuse those drugs which are easily available and do not fall under legal circumstances.
  • Main reasons why both men and women turns toward abusing drug is keeping them up to date with the trend, many of the suboxone treatment near me suggests men often turns towards drug addiction to cope up with the emotions stress that they go through. Most often men abuse drug to showcase their manliness as well.
  • Women on the other side, turn to drug solely to cope up with the social anxiety and depression. Another reason why they go to seek drug help is to keep up with the other people in their circle to be cool.

Treatment barriers

  • Biological differences and socially different treatment for men and women can also have impact on the treatment of addiction recovery for men and women.
  • Men often feel insecure in admitting that they are under the mental pressure or dealing with some kind of emotional stress. This totally happens due to the mind set of society where we treatment men as week if they cry or share their problems. This is why men mostly likely try to delay or not get into the treatment at all. They only get into any kind of addiction treatment when they are order by people who pose some sort authority in them.
  • Women are considered sensitive hence most of the suboxone doctors near me; they don’t prescribe a women any sort of drug therapy. In other ways women tend to delay their addiction treatment due to society thoughts and family obligations; they only go for medication help when there is some sort of health complication or over dose.


Treatment requirement for men and women

  • Men and women abuse drug and alcohol differently with different sort of motivation to do so, which means the treatment that they opt for requires to be different from one another.
  • Men likely to feel more comfort in therapies which includes other men as well, this will help them reduce their vulnerability and build the trait of sharing their emotions and problems with others. The main Suboxone doctors near me suggest group therapies because these men will be able to find some sort of similarities and will be able to relate with one another when they will come across with each other’s cause and impacts of addition.
  • This goes for women as well, they also tend to do well in therapies which have women, who are able to share their struggles and are open for discussing issues from same mind set.
  • Forms of meditation, yoga and exercise also happen to help these women cope up with both addiction and mental health. Another thing which can be fruitful for women are empowerment coaching as it help them overcome low self-esteem and shame which can be main reason of addiction.


Treatment at Recovery Connection

Every human being is different be it mentally, physically or biologically which is why requirement of medication also differs from person to person. But it’s important to understand how genders are influence in these issues.

We at Recovery Connection, try our level best to provide you with best possible medication and addiction recovery treatment as per your need and requirement. With help of your best supported doctor’s team, we believe in providing customized treatment for every individual.