Is My Baby Safe If I Undergo Suboxone Treatment In Pregnancy?

If you are a pregnant women who is about to start drug addiction treatment or already taking dosage of suboxone treatment you might have a lot of queries weather it is safe or not for the life evolving inside you.  Well it might to fully be safe taking this medication but not taking them can be more worst as it can increase the chances of relapse or withdrawal symptoms which can be more critical for your pregnancy.

All the mothers are very much sensitive about the health of their baby, thus they have a lot of question and fear for which they don’t even initiate the treatment in the first place which can be more dangerous. To ease a bit of their stress here are answers to the frequently asked questions about opioid addiction treatment during pregnancy.


Will there be any chances of them losing their baby?

Apart from the stress of their baby’s health another point that keeps pregnant women away from treatment is that the treatment might lead to separation from their little one by the authority. Well generally there’s nothing to worry about when it comes on taking your baby home. It is considered that a baby requires mother to grow in their initial stages hence, separating them is just baseless. Moreover if the mother is on medication of letting go the addiction then the chances of such situation is less likely to arise. But the scenario changes when you are on drug constantly during your pregnancy period and you face tremendous amount of relapse and withdrawal symptoms in this situation you are considered unstable of taking care of your baby.

Will my baby be addicted after being born?

When under opioid addiction treatment most of the mothers to be are scared of one specific thing which will their baby will see the rays of the world with neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS), or more specifically, neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome (NOWS). Well with medication like suboxone which contents buprenorphine are less likely to cause any addiction to the baby unlike other treatment medication. But opioid like heroine, fentanly, and oxycodones are much riskier than any other opioid. When it is to decide whether methadone maintenance or suboxone treatment which is more safe for the baby. Studies have shown that symptoms of NOW are milder with buprenorphine than that of methadone. But to get detailed explanation or best suited medication according to your condition you should consult suboxone treatment clinics.

Can I breastfeed my baby while taking suboxone?

Buprenorphine and naloxone appears in a very little amount in breast milk, also norbuprenorphine a metabolite of buprenorphine is found in mother’s milk but it is relatively safe to feed breast milk to your baby while on suboxone treatment. The problem arises when you stop the treatment and go back to street drugs that sort of opioid are very much dangerous for the baby. Although it’s up to you what you want to feed your child formula or breast milk always consider bother you suboxone treatment doctor and your baby care doctor.

Can breathlessness occur during pregnancy with suboxone?

Well, suboxone does not affect you with respiratory depression if taken in right direction, but other opioid can which is why it is important to stay in recovery and have medication assistance regularly. But it is important to seek professional help if you are suffering from breathlessness, consult suboxone doctor near me if it is required.

Is it important to lower down suboxone dose during pregnancy?

When suboxone is given to a patient the doctor prescribes the lowest amount of dosage which will provide adequate effect. The dose is kept low so that you don’t suffer from withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Thus, the option of reducing the dosage is not needed as it is already kept in quantity by keeping your condition in mind. If in any chances you are not feeling well or some kind of health issues are showing up you should consider seeking advice from any suboxone clinic near me.

Is sublocade shot ok during pregnancy?

Sublocade injection does come with risk during pregnancy sublocade is once a month medication which is injected inside your body. Buprenorphine should in most of the cases keep in check to monitor withdrawal symptoms and craving. If your doctor has suggested to keep you on sublocade he might taper the medication or switch you back to sublocade as per your condition.

What is the next step of getting help?

If you are already under medication for addiction your doctor will refer you to any OB/GYN for consultation. But if you are still misusing street drugs or prescribed medication, you should right away seek proper medication from drug addiction treatment center for the sake of your baby. The doctors will prescribe you best suited medication as per your health.


A mother is always one step ahead worried about their little one, they can do anything to keep them safe from any harm. While, treatments for drug addictions are less likely to affect the baby, but not treating you addiction can severely affect the fetus and at times the baby can die due to the overdosing or misuse of drugs. It is important for a mother to be to keep herself on recovery throughout her pregnancy period.

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