Israel Figa on the Future of Tourism Post Covid-19 and Much More

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Life today revolves around the Covid-19 pandemic and all pour decisions and life choices are contingent upon it. While it has done some severe damage to the economy and the healthcare, it has also negatively impacted the travel and tourism industry.


No flights, no travel, no tourism; tens of millions of jobs are at risk as the pandemic has disrupted holiday plans. So how will tour operators recover and how can you offer a coronavirus free vacation is something that Israel Figa will answer for you.


Global Tourism

Last year around the same time the global tourism industry had all but come to a halt because of the coronavirus pandemic. Most international flights had stopped, the airspaces were sealed, and hotel bookings evaporated. Israel Figa warns that this time again the situation looks a bit grim and bleak. Israel Figa notes that while travel has not completely been banned this year, nonetheless many countries around the globe have severely restricted travel making it if not impossible then arduous to travel. This has really discouraged people from making vacation plans or travel and thus the brunt is being borne by the tourism industry once again.


What the Travel Situation Looks Like Currently 

The covid-19 cases are on the rise again and that is what has forced countries into closing their borders and imposing a second or third round of lockdown. And if not a lockdown countries are reassessing their travel advisory. Most countries have red listed all those countries that are in their third wave of covid-19 while with others the process is quite tedious. People might seem a bit prepared this time around with respect to the pandemic but certainly not many are prepared enough to traveling in these prevailing circumstances.


Countries with falling infection rates are planning to ease some of those restrictions in the hope of encouraging travelers and their cash to venture abroad again.


UN’s World Tourism Organization

The world is going through unprecedented global health and economic emergency because of the Covid-19, the World Tourism Organization launched its own Covid-19 platform. The database has all the latest update with respect to the tourism and travel around the globe. According to the UN’s World Tourism Organization last year the restrictions on travel put a hundred million jobs at risk. This year the situation isn’t any better as the circumstances remain the same. While people are adapting to live with the virus, they are still not confident enough to travel freely.


How to Get Tourists Back 

It’s been a devastating impact for all those countries whose economies strive on tourism from an economic and social point of view. However, Israel Figa points out that countries are now seeing this as an opportunity to reset their tourism profile and the tourists that they get to their countries. Countries have devised protocols that they are going to follow to ensure a safe and conducive environment for the tourists. For instance many countries have given guidelines to the accommodation sector and the airports in order to ensure that there is minimum contact and the protocols of social distancing are being followed.


Whether it is good or bad but the time off has certainly given countries time to improve their Infrastructure as well. But travel on the whole is a very different experience now.


Travel in the Post-Pandemic World 

Many people wonder how it is going to be like traveling in a post pandemic world. While the answer to that is unclear, according to Israel Figa one thing that is clear is that travel in the post-pandemic world will be different. The tourism industry might seem slow but now that the covid-19 vaccines have been introduced things might take a turn for the better. With vaccines people might feel confident enough to travel again. It is a fact that we cannot stay away from traveling forever so the tourism industry will pick up its momentum and boom.

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