Octane Seated Ellipticals – Answer to Your Fitness Problems

Fitness equipment and appliances that are related to Octane seated ellipticals brand is considered to be one of the finest seated ellipticals in the market today. They are considered to be very useful in maintaining a perfect fitness regime and weight loss. Irrespective of the equipment you choose for your purpose, they will be easy to operate on.

Different kinds of workouts and exercises can be easily carried out on them. After all; Octane seated ellipticals have been in this business for many decades now and have understood the needs of people when it comes to maintaining fitness levels. Here, you can find different kinds of fitness equipment and especially to help you choose the best seated ellipticals at Octane seated ellipticals.


Octane seated ellipticals’s Ellipticals come in different types like Momentum 745, Momentum 630, and Momentum 220 X. With Momentum 745 elliptical you can expect workouts of low impact that can help tone your body well. Its resistance is of adjustable type. They also come with 17.5 inches stride length and trainer programs of personal type. Momentum 630 helps you to tune the entire body and burn extra calories.

Different Features

Different features in them include Step-In design, Push button resistance, and Built-in workouts. Momentum 220 X has a built-in easy pulse and heart rate monitor that will monitor the rate at your heart beats throughout your workout. Thanks to the 18 inches stride length present in them; you can expect greater muscle extension and this turn will help your muscles to be leaner and longer than before.

Amongst the most popular bikes you can expect from Octane seated ellipticals is Pursuit 4.0 Exercise bike. These bikes are provided with Freewheel Technology, 4 Pacer Workouts, and SMR Magnetic Resistance. In fact, these bikes are your perfect choice to get yourself into shape fast right from the comforts of your home. The presence of SMR Resistance is to provide greater options in resistance and to ensure the entire operation is smooth.

Other kinds of accessories from Octane seated ellipticals include Floor mats, Accessory kits, and so on. Floor mats are made of Vinyl coatings that offer protections to the under portion of treadmills, steppers and bikes. Accessory kits are essential to ensure your fitness equipment remains in good shape for a long period of time. In having these kits you will save lots of money and time. They will also ensure your machine will operate smoothly most of the time.

The 2 main types of treadmills you can look forward to from Octane seated ellipticals include Cardio Stride Plus and Cadence 55. The former comes with a large LCD display, a step-by-step Console, dual flywheel, an incline of three-position type, and SpaceSaver design. Each of these treadmills weigh at least 250 lbs and come with a warranty period of 90 days. Cadence 55 is a very effective treadmill and yet simple. It offers its users with protection, power and all other options that will keep you fit. This treadmill is equipped with a 2.0 HP motor. The machine is designed in such a way that it will offer you consistent and smooth drive all the time and that is required to perform light to intense workouts. Other features incorporated in it are soft cushioning, digital speed control, blue tinted display, and a manual incline.

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