Overwhelmed new parents struggle to eat healthy food

Dear Abby: I have a close friend who recently had a baby with serious health problems. Unfortunately, we live on opposite sides of the country, and I can’t afford to fly out there. I want to help, but short of calls and texts to let her know I’m thinking of her, I’m out of ideas.

She’s mentioned several times that with all the work of being a new parent plus the extra work involved with a child with special needs, she often doesn’t have time to prepare healthy meals and reverts to junk food that she can grab easily. Ordinarily, I’d bring over a few meals to help out, but that’s impossible to do when she’s so far away.

Restaurant gift cards would be an option, but unfortunately she and her husband don’t have the time to go to one. I’m hoping you might have other ideas on how I can help out from afar.

Puzzled About Helping

Dear Puzzled: Go online and research food delivery services in the city or town where your friend lives. Some businesses deliver prepared meals on a weekly basis. Other companies ship boxes of wonderful fruits every month. But before doing anything, ASK your overwhelmed friend what she and her husband think might be helpful rather than try to second-guess.

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