Hormone Therapy Still Touted for Menopause Symptoms

Share on PinterestExperts say hormone therapies such as estrogen and progestin work best when started while a woman is going through menopause. Tom Werner/Getty Images Experts say hormone therapies such as estrogen and progestin are probably still the best treatment for menopause symptoms. Questions have been raised about these therapies […]

COVID-19 Symptoms Usually Show Up in This Order

The research from the University of Southern California was able to determine that COVID-19 symptoms often start in a certain order. According to the study, while influenza typically begins with a cough, the first symptom of COVID-19 is fever. However, physicians working with patients with COVID-19 said in their experience […]

Yoga May Help Relieve Migraine Symptoms

Share on PinterestPracticing yoga can beneficial for your physical and mental health. Getty Images A study in Neurology suggests that yoga could reduce frequency, duration, and pain from migraine. It supports past research showing that yoga can be effective in alleviating migraine. Aside from stress reduction, there could be other […]