‘I was so shocked:’ Health care worker denied Moderna vaccine because county says it will not give it to pregnant or breastfeeding moms

Kate Raess read the studies, talked to her obstetrician and consulted with her pediatrician. © John J. Kim / Chicago Tribune/Chicago Tribune/TNS After Kate Raess was denied a COVID-19 vaccine because she is breastfeeding, she said she wonders about other breastfeeding and pregnant women. After months of consideration, the Illinois […]

Could Schools Mandate COVID-19 Vaccine?

A group of experts outlined several criteria that could be used to decide if a COVID-19 vaccine is mandatory for children. Several COVID-19 vaccines are in late-stage clinical trials, but so far none have been approved in the United States for widespread public use or even emergency use. Experts say […]

Who Will Distribute the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Share on PinterestMultiple COVID-19 vaccine candidates are in phase 3 trials right now. Getty Images The CDC oversees the vaccine distribution process, as it’s the organization providing guidance to states and will be responsible for shipping out the vaccines. States will then partner with their local health departments and refer […]