The Benefits of Electronic Medical Records For Physicians And The HealthCare Organization

With the number of electronic medical records (EMR) systems available in the market today, it can be confusing as to which system is best for one’s organization. This is because all these systems have different strengths and limitations. One must also consider several other factors such as accessibility, scalability, ease of use, functionality, recovery, reliability, data security, and data confidentiality. The following paragraphs below briefly discuss the various EMR Integration options available in the market. They should help you make the right decision regarding your organization’s needs and requirements.

Epic EMR Integration

Epic EMR Integration is one of the most comprehensive and robust electronic medical records (EMR) systems that are available on the market today. According to the Epic EMR Integration Team, the primary aim of the company is “to provide superior solutions to the operational and financial requirements of healthcare organizations”. According to the team, this is achieved by creating a real-time intra-organizational information exchange that enables authorized personnel to access and review clinical data at any point in time. The estimated cost to benefit from having an electronic medical record for 5 years was approximately $86,000 per service provider. Additional benefits accrue from greater control over costs, enhanced utilization of diagnostic tests, enhanced capture of costs, reduced billing errors, and reduced data-security threats.

Provide quality improvement and business intelligence

Also, Epic EMR Integration can provide quality improvement and business intelligence for healthcare payers and care providers. The software also allows decision support through in-person, web-based, or phone support. It also allows care providers to manage a greater variety of patients, to perform a better job of matching diagnosis and procedure with the right patient, and to improve their level of care. It has been designed so that care providers and payers can agree on rules and guidelines for managing and billing electronically, reducing paper costs, and improving the accuracy of billing. According to the Epic EMR Integration Team, this provides a win-win situation for the system’s users and payers: “Emmet – gives physicians and payers a faster, easier way to share and track important information about their patients, and allows them to make better decisions based on the information available.”

Accurate Treatment

Another positive aspect of electronic medical records is their ability to encourage more accurate treatment. According to the Epic EMR Integration Team, it “provides physicians’ use of electronic health records that are more accurate than the ones provided in paper form. It also offers faster retrieval of information, improves the security of records and helps reduce unnecessary redaction of physician-patient information.” The integration team further states, “Many studies have shown that patients who have easy access to electronic medical records experience less mental stress about their health.”

Electronic health records may also help save money for health care providers. Electronic medical records improve patient management by allowing doctors to recommend various treatments. Furthermore, electronic health records minimize fraudulent billing practices.

To provide doctors with the tools needed to facilitate the transfer of patient information, EMR software should be compatible with the systems. The use of an EMR software that is not compatible with systems of a particular hospital may lead to complications. However, this has been proven to be unnecessary in several cases where compatible EMR software has been purchased. Furthermore, when purchasing an electronic medical record, it is best to purchase from a reputable company. This will help ensure its compatibility with other EMR software as well as a secure transmission.

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