Want To Lose Weight And Burn Fat? 6 Reasons Why Xtend Barre May Be Perfect For You

As weight loss and fitness goals vary from person to person, their workout preferences will differ, too. That’s why there are different workout styles you can choose from, and they’re all available online so you can get off the couch and get started ASAP.

If you want to work towards a slim, toned body through a workout that doesn’t require any additional equipment, won’t make you feel like you’re in boot camp, and can be done in under an hour, check out Xtend Barre on Openfit — it might just be the perfect routine for you.

1. It Provides Proper Guidance and Technique


If there’s one crucial takeaway when working out, it’s that proper form can spell the difference between necessary burn and unnecessary injury. This applies to all forms of physical exercises, and Xtend Barre is no different. Since Xtend Barre is founded on the principles of ballet, yoga, and Pilates—three challenging forms of training that include isometric movements (staying in one position for the most excruciating seconds of your life) – you’ll need to be correctly guided into each position to optimize the workout.

Trainer and former professional dancer Andrea Rogers is your coach for Xtend Barre as she leads each class for you to work up a good sweat. There’s no better instructor fit for the job, too – she’s the founder of Xtend Barre! Together with your determination and Rogers’s fun and energetic personality, you might just enjoy pushing for your fitness goals through Xtend Barre.

2. It Only Takes Half An Hour

openfit xtend barre benefits

It’s a universal understanding that minutes, no matter how few, always seem to last longer when working out than doing anything else. With Xtend Barre, the minutes might seem long, but you’ll never have to work out more than you need to! Each Xtend Barre class takes 30 minutes at the most, but ticks all the boxes of a good workout session: buckets of sweat, chock-full of muscle burn, and a flood of endorphins.

Xtend Barre founder Andrea Rogers is a mom and entrepreneur who’s always on the go, and that’s why she decided to make her routines fun, functional, and quick enough to fit in her busy schedule to stay consistent with her active lifestyle. Since each class can be done in a half-hour, there’s no excuse to miss out on a day of exercise, so keep at it!

3. It Won’t Bulk You Up

openfit xtend barre benefits

There’s usually this impending fear that your muscles will get bigger and bulkier when you start working out. While there’s nothing wrong with bulking up, it’s a misleading generalization about exercise. Yes, your muscles will tone up when you exercise them, but this isn’t heavy lifting—you won’t look like a bodybuilder.

Xtend Barre sculpts your body with a dancer’s physique in mind: lean, slender, graceful, and with proper posture. Under Andrea Rogers’s tutelage, you’ll gain more muscular endurance, strength, and flexibility while also developing mind-body awareness as you go through Xtend Barre’s workout library to achieve a graceful physique.

4. It Doesn’t Require Gym Equipment

openfit xtend barre benefits

There’s no need to pressure yourself to buy new workout equipment to take Xtend Barre classes. At the very least, you’ll need a chair or the back of a couch as a makeshift barre to perform specific exercises. Rogers and her cast of Xtend Barre enthusiasts will demonstrate how movements are executed with a barre and a chair, so you’re not alone!

If you’ve reached a plateau or would like to increase the challenge, you may include light dumbbells (one-, two-, or three-pounders will suffice), a resistance band, or a light medicine ball in your Xtend Barre workouts. Feel the burn and imagine your fat melting away the more you push yourself with Xtend Barre!

5. It’s Not High-Intensity

openfit xtend barre benefits

It might seem unfair how some people are naturally active or athletic and welcome the pain associated with some form of fitness gain. You might also think that the only way to lose weight is through high-intensity training, but that simply isn’t true! Don’t put your fitness dreams on hold because you don’t like hard, intense workouts. There’s definitely room for those who prefer a low-impact approach to exercise, which you can expect in Xtend Barre.

Make no mistake in thinking that low-impact means low results. Xtend Barre still offers high-energy workouts where you can challenge your body while giving your all. Anyone can perform low-impact workouts at any fitness level; its movements can be modified if you have limited mobility and flexibility. Even if Xtend Barre is considered a low-impact workout, expect nothing but high results when you put in the work!

6. It Includes Workout And Nutrition Plans

openfit xtend barre benefits

Xtend Barre classes fall into different categories to let you know each video’s primary focus, namely: Signature (total body), Cardio, Legs, Booty, Core, Sculpt & Define, and Flexibility & Balance. Before choosing your first workout, don’t skip the Basics video, to learn the fundamentals and core movements in Xtend Barre. From there, feel free to choose the workout videos in any order, or opt for a 30-day Xtend Barre workout calendar, so you have a game plan to kickstart your active lifestyle.

Since a healthy lifestyle consists of 80% nutrition and 20% exercise, you can pair your Xtend Barre workouts with the Openfit One Minute Meal Plan to help build strength, lose weight, and crank up your energy on and off the mat. All you have to do is eat the recommended calorie and macro totals to supplement your exercise, and you’re good to go!

Tone your body with an effective, low-impact, high-energy workout routine from Xtend Barre on Openfit. Follow the 30-day calendar to get you started and stay consistent in your healthy lifestyle. Find out more on Openfit here.

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