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Are you undergoing surgery anytime soon? Sometimes an injury does not heal on its own. That’s when your health expert recommends surgical procedures that accelerate healing. Before surgery, a pre-surgical clearance Phoenix is conducted to check the patient¬ís health before the surgery.

If you have a planned surgery and want to know about pre-surgical clearance, read this article. Here, we will talk about the role of pre-surgical clearance, its importance, and why it matters before the surgery.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Understanding Pre-Surgical Clearance And Its Goals

Pre-surgical clearance or preoperative assessment is a medical procedure conducted to ensure the patient can undergo surgery. This procedure’s primary goal is to detect any hidden health conditions that the patient might be suffering from. Medical specialists, nurses, surgeons and anesthesiologists work together to get accurate reports.

Here are some primary goals of preoperative evaluation:


  • Uncover all hidden health conditions.
  • Assessment of patient’s health.
  • Development of pre and post-surgical procedures.
  • Patient’s medical condition optimization.
  • Risk determination.
  • Explaining the entire procedure to the patient.

Why Pre-Surgical Clearance Matters Before Surgery?

There are several reasons why pre-surgical clearance matters before surgery. These include:


  • Ensuring that the surgery goes on smoothly
  • Complete safety of the patient
  • Fast and effective recovery and healing process
  • Minimizing complications occurring during the surgery
  • Educates the patient regarding potential risks and benefits of the surgery

What Are The Factors Influencing Risk Assessment?


  1. 1. Medical History: Medical history is a person¬ís past health record through which doctors can analyze all existing risks and the patient’s overall health. While going for surgery, health conditions like diabetes, heart problems, or previous surgeries may affect the recovery.
  1. Pre-Existing Conditions: If the patient already suffers from chronic diseases like asthma or arthritis, doctors need to know it beforehand, which may impact the recovery process.
  1. Mental Health: Mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, and others may impact your recovery process. Thus, patients with mental health concerns react differently to surgery.
  1. Allergies and Medications: Doctors should be aware of any allergies or medications to prevent any adverse conditions during or post the surgery.


Pre-surgical clearance procedure is required before a planned surgery. It minimizes complications and increases the chances of successful results. Hence, it is important before any surgery! We hope this article helped you understand about pre-surgical clearance, its importance and how it plays an essential role before the surgery!